First an apology for a long hiatus – writer’s drought, father of two, World Cup, craft beer, personal training…choose an excuse that you find palatable.

And if those aren’t to your liking, here’s a summary of what we’ve been working on behind the scenes:


Regional coverage

I am pleased to announce that we have opened an office in Singapore April 2018, headed by our very capable director Kin Seng, supported by a combination of our favourite “robots/software” and existing, amazing but lean HK team.

Our footprint now includes Malaysia, where we have been able to source awesome accounting talent that can communicate in English, Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) and other Asian dialects to better support our existing team and most importantly, our international client base.

Off the back of our extended coverage, we are now known as Cornerstone Management Group Asia – pretty original I know (still an accountant deep down).


Low-touch accounting

In celebration, we are launching a low-touch accounting solution geared towards digital consultants, marketers, agencies – businesses which do not sell physical products and/or hold stock inventory.

The solution is powered by our bots, programmed and reviewed by Cornerstone logic – it allows clients to easily get their bills/expense receipts to us at Cornerstone through 3 channels:

  • Phone App – take a picture with the app. Yes, it’s that easy.
  • Desktop – drag and drop into the RB app through web browser.
  • Email – email the attachment to a dedicated address

Our team takes care of the rest and the bill/expense is booked to Xero.

Get in touch with us at enquiries@cornerstone-group.asia to find out more.


Shopify, Stripe, Paypal high-volume automated sales/payments reconciliation

We’ve also built an automated reconciliation software for high-volume e-commerce operators that run on Shopify, Stripe and Paypal.

Put simply, we can reconcile up to 1000s of Shopify orders per day to Stripe/Paypal payments in seconds – and then auto post to Xero for daily reporting.

SKU codes from Shopify are sync’d through so you’re covered for automated COGS/Inventory journals and gross profit calculations!

Designed with an open API so it can also talk to other softwares and/or marketplaces (e.g. inventory management, Lazada), although this will require further development.



Amazon Marketplace Xero accounting add-on

We haven’t forgotten about Amazon sellers – a really cool app has been in our testing labs for a while and until we felt that it had reached Cornerstone’s standard of accounting integration maturity, we held back – so we’re happy to recommend using A2XAccounting (https://www.a2xaccounting.com/) to integrate Amazon Marketplace sales, fees, COGS and FBA Inventory to Xero.



Still under wraps in our labs is a Xero integrated, customisable, model-driven, 3-way forecast dashboard that we are building to improve our engagement with you, our clients. We see that our value going forward, is to help you navigate the uncertain future, rather than just talking about the past.

Get in touch with us on enquiries@cornerstone-group.asia or contact me directly to find out more.



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