Automated Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping Solution

With ledgers on the cloud, its up to date at your fingertips.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Bulk of the traditional accounting solutions had to be installed on a single or networked computer which has many limitations, including:

  • You could only access your data at a specific computer or closed office network
  • Software had to be constantly updated with improvements, debugs, regulatory changes
  • Data backup and versioning is a real hassle, both in time and money.

Cloud (or online) accounting retains the same functionality but moves the whole process on to cloud servers, which enables a host of new possibilities through open APIs (allowing connectivity between multiple softwares).

So how does cloud accounting improve on these limitations? 

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Access anytime, anywhere

As long as you have internet access, cloud accounting offers you access to your key financials 24/7. This allows flexibility and added mobility as you can simply log in via an internet browser to access your accounts from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


What time is it?

Real-time reporting is achievable through the cloud via updated bookkeeping and bank reconciliation. Making business decisions on current information rather than out-dated historical reports that are maybe several months old gives you more control over your business. This real-time snapshot is critical when planning your future cash-flow and strategic decision making.

Access to a vast app ecosystem

With open APIs, your business will be able to add a variety of third-party apps and tools to expand your core business system. For example, forecasting apps, inventory management tools, online marketplaces – these add-ons allow you to streamline and automate your business workflows to reduce costs and spend less time on admin.

Live bank feeds

Many cloud accounting platforms provide live feeds to your bank accounts, rather than manually uploading .CSV file that you’ve got downloaded from your internet banking portal, a live feed automatically pulls your bank transactions straight through into your accounts. This improves bank reconciliation and gives you an updated view on your cash position


Secure sharing of information

Outsourcing to accountants and auditors becomes seamless. There’s no need to backup files and send them via email, all to realise that the version you sent was old. Your advisers have safe and secure access to your most updated financials.

Connected on-line payment

Payment apps like Stripe and Paypal may be connected to your on-line accounting and invoices, making it easier for customers to pay, improving debtor collection and reducing admin work on your staff.

What type of business are you?


Consumer Good Retail, Food & Beverage

Financial Advisory and Wealth Management

Digital Services

Why should you switch to Cloud Accounting?

Key areas wherever you’ll be able to employ cloud accounting include:

Using automation to streamline operations

Cloud accounting enables automated bookkeeping and bank reconciliation which drastically radically cuts down on your team’s admin workload and frees up resources.

Better insight from your financial data

You’ll be able to make informed decisions since the data is at your fingertips

Smoother audits

With the ability to constantly update your bookkeeping, audits become more painless for both parties.

Working remotely

You and your team can work from anywhere – cloud accounting also opens up the possibility of outsourcing your finance department to professional service providers which removes the headache (and cost) of hiring and managing full-time accountants.

Accounting & Advisory Services


We take your transactions and help automate bookkeeping into Xero.

Weekly bank reconciliations, click-of-a-button financial reports, dedicated account managers.

Paperless, technology driven accounting.

Strategic Financial Insight

With your books up to date, we provide financial insight to you, the business owner.

From interpretation of financial results, cash flow projections, budgeting to best practice advisory. We empower you, so that you can build a better business.

Corporate Advisory

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