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No not you, behind you …yes you little guy (well small to medium guy).

Get on Cloud 9
Get your head in the Cloud


… there are a plethora of cheesy cloud sayings that could be employed here (and let’s be honest they have all been used in the past) in an attempt to wave pom poms for the benefits of Cloud computing.


Much, heaps, lots and then some has been written about the benefits of Cloud computing.


Cost effectiveness


…. cue wind up music. I’m bored. It’s a no brainer.


However, the take up of a comprehensive cloud infrastructure by small and medium businesses is nowhere near what it could be or should be. Gone are the days where a slick, accessible anywhere infrastructure is only within the reach of the top end of town.


While large corporations have had means to develop custom built interfaces for a long time, this no longer a dream for the chubby guy with the deep pockets.


Small to medium guy in the back this song is for you.







In parallel to the emergence of the SaaS (software as a service) concept, the software providers themselves have really lifted their game not only in functionality but particularly in terms of how the individual software chats to its friends.


No small business can afford unnecessary time and costs to relay information from one system to another. Information is needed FAST to make good decisions and meet customer needs


Successful businesses keep costs down in tough times and in good times.
Successful businesses lay down good foundations to position them to scale up FAST when the time is right.
Successful businesses have current information at hand to remain agile in decision making.
Successful businesses exceed customer expectations …  and let’s be honest, in this day and age expectations are high.


Critical to achieving all of these success factors is a quality, integrated infrastructure. A mini eco-system where everything takes place on your web browser – e-commerce online sales, real time inventory tracking and logistics and up-to-date financials.  Here’s a taste of what can be done categorised by business needs.


This type of solution, regardless of your size or stage of life cycle, is much more accessible than you think. I hate to rain on your T8 parade, but with an integrated application infrastructure housed in the Cloud, before you know it, you and your staff will have a sophisticated suite of tools available for you to work from anywhere, at any time.


This can be your reality, Check out our website www.cornerstone.hk or Connect at enquiries@cornerstone.hk 


Written by Natasha Donaldson

StartupsHK “‘Cornerstone Connect’ Helps Startups with Integrated Back Office to Make Startup Life Easier”

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Our friends at Cornerstone are launching a suite of tools to help manage the back office of your startup called Cornerstone Connect. This will allow you more time to grow and build your startup and not worry so much about accounting, inventory control, web design, fulfilment and other back office management.

Founder Adrian Lai is kicking off this new product with his partners on September 14th at Garage Society – register here for a way to learn more about it and to get special launch discounts.

We sat down with Adrian to learn more about the product:


In a nutshell what is Cornerstone Connect?

Connect is an extension of our existing accounting practice which has two primary offerings:

  • Build integrated service and cloud software bundles dependent on the client’s business sector.
  • Provide collaborative business advisory covering areas from streamlining operations to tax and regulatory compliance

We currently offer solutions for online/offline B2C and B2B, IoT startups, consultants, fitness studios and clinics. We’re exploring a F&B bundle with a local software house, so watch this space foodpreneurs!

Why is it better to use a consolidated effort than do each of the pieces myself?

DIY is a great way to get close to your business but as an owner, with so many other items on your to-do list, it’s easy to get bogged down in the detail and you miss critical elements that can deeply impact the way your business runs in the future.

The bundles provide a core infrastructure to our clients so they can focus on developing their business, be it designing, sourcing, selling, marketing. Two key benefits:

  • The softwares can be easily extended with a ton of additional tools/apps ranging from CRM, sales/marketing, forecasting
  • A collaborative network of advisors available for your business

Who are the partner groups in Connect and what do they bring to the table?

Our first launch will be targeting new or existing online B2C businesses – our service partner is Kranberry who builds custom e-commerce ready websites, and our software partners are Xero, TradeGecko and Easyship.

  • TradeGecko is a inventory/order management software for modern merchants with B2B and B2C capability – Xero is simply beautiful accounting software
  • Cornerstone provides the software implementation, integration and monthly operational and accounting support. Tax, audit and other compliance services are also available.
  • Easyship takes the guesswork out of international shipping and is integrated into the webstore or marketplace

All of these elements are fully integrated so when a customer buys your product online, the infrastructure can automatically monitor stock movement, ship/track product and account for sales and COGS.

Take a look at our page to see what we do https://cornerstone.hk/cornerstone-connect/

What problem does it solve?

Clients come to one place and can pick the appropriate service/software combination for their business – all backed with industry expertise.

How much does it cost?

TBD – we will have something for the event launch on September 14 and on the website in the coming week or two.

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