Cloud Computing

Many people are initially apprehensive about moving to the cloud, our question in response is, do you use Gmail, Drop box or Online Banking? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, you are already on The cloud!

Cloud based systems are the way of the future. Most people are already utilising the benefits without realising.

Here are the top reasons why we think you should move your business to a cloud based system:

1.      Save money

No more version upgrades, system maintenance, server failures or downtime. The cloud provider takes care of all this while ensuring you have continuous access to the best service.

Storage costs are minimal, Google Drive now offer 1TB of storage for only USD $9.99 per month (this is approx 300,000 photos!)

2.      Easy access & Collaboration

Data can be access anywhere, anytime from the cloud via any electronic device connected to the internet.

Collaboration is made easy, your colleague can be working from home while you review their progress from the office.  Multiple people can be working on the same file while having an online conference call.

3.      Improve Security

Keeping all your data onsite may not be the safest option, what would happen if there was an accident in the office, a fire that destroys your computer and the external hard drives where all your customer and financial information has been stored?

By keeping your data in the cloud, you will outsource your storage and security concerns to a third party provider who will maintain a live remote database. The Internet will then provide the “link” between your computers to access this data live.

All data maintained on the cloud, is stored on multiple serves with the most up to date security software to ensure your data is secure.  Cloud software providers maintain very strict security guidelines, multilayered anti-virus and encryption software to protect your data. Whether you are a sole trader, family business or large Multinational Corporation, your data is protected with the same security benefits.