No not you, behind you …yes you little guy (well small to medium guy).

Get on Cloud 9
Get your head in the Cloud


… there are a plethora of cheesy cloud sayings that could be employed here (and let’s be honest they have all been used in the past) in an attempt to wave pom poms for the benefits of Cloud computing.


Much, heaps, lots and then some has been written about the benefits of Cloud computing.


Cost effectiveness


…. cue wind up music. I’m bored. It’s a no brainer.


However, the take up of a comprehensive cloud infrastructure by small and medium businesses is nowhere near what it could be or should be. Gone are the days where a slick, accessible anywhere infrastructure is only within the reach of the top end of town.


While large corporations have had means to develop custom built interfaces for a long time, this no longer a dream for the chubby guy with the deep pockets.


Small to medium guy in the back this song is for you.







In parallel to the emergence of the SaaS (software as a service) concept, the software providers themselves have really lifted their game not only in functionality but particularly in terms of how the individual software chats to its friends.


No small business can afford unnecessary time and costs to relay information from one system to another. Information is needed FAST to make good decisions and meet customer needs


Successful businesses keep costs down in tough times and in good times.
Successful businesses lay down good foundations to position them to scale up FAST when the time is right.
Successful businesses have current information at hand to remain agile in decision making.
Successful businesses exceed customer expectations …  and let’s be honest, in this day and age expectations are high.


Critical to achieving all of these success factors is a quality, integrated infrastructure. A mini eco-system where everything takes place on your web browser – e-commerce online sales, real time inventory tracking and logistics and up-to-date financials.  Here’s a taste of what can be done categorised by business needs.


This type of solution, regardless of your size or stage of life cycle, is much more accessible than you think. I hate to rain on your T8 parade, but with an integrated application infrastructure housed in the Cloud, before you know it, you and your staff will have a sophisticated suite of tools available for you to work from anywhere, at any time.


This can be your reality, Check out our website www.cornerstone.hk or Connect at enquiries@cornerstone.hk 


Written by Natasha Donaldson

3 reasons how your business can benefit from moving to the cloud

Cloud Computing

Many people are initially apprehensive about moving to the cloud, our question in response is, do you use Gmail, Drop box or Online Banking? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, you are already on The cloud!

Cloud based systems are the way of the future. Most people are already utilising the benefits without realising.

Here are the top reasons why we think you should move your business to a cloud based system:

1.      Save money

No more version upgrades, system maintenance, server failures or downtime. The cloud provider takes care of all this while ensuring you have continuous access to the best service.

Storage costs are minimal, Google Drive now offer 1TB of storage for only USD $9.99 per month (this is approx 300,000 photos!)

2.      Easy access & Collaboration

Data can be access anywhere, anytime from the cloud via any electronic device connected to the internet.

Collaboration is made easy, your colleague can be working from home while you review their progress from the office.  Multiple people can be working on the same file while having an online conference call.

3.      Improve Security

Keeping all your data onsite may not be the safest option, what would happen if there was an accident in the office, a fire that destroys your computer and the external hard drives where all your customer and financial information has been stored?

By keeping your data in the cloud, you will outsource your storage and security concerns to a third party provider who will maintain a live remote database. The Internet will then provide the “link” between your computers to access this data live.

All data maintained on the cloud, is stored on multiple serves with the most up to date security software to ensure your data is secure.  Cloud software providers maintain very strict security guidelines, multilayered anti-virus and encryption software to protect your data. Whether you are a sole trader, family business or large Multinational Corporation, your data is protected with the same security benefits.

Proud to support one of HK’s top 5 promising Startups!

Cornerstone HK is proud to support Insight Robotics, one of HK’s top 5 startups as seen in the recent SCMP article on 13 April 2015.

We have been able to support the business by providing consulting advice on both operational, financial and management accounting matters.

Congratulations Insight Robotics!


Hong Kong-based firefighting robot firm Insight Robotics has developed a wildfire detection system combining thermal imaging and artificial intelligence technology to spot fires. Insight Robotics’ systems are already in use in five provinces and seven cities across mainland China. The company was founded in 2009 and announced in November it had secured US$2 million in Series A funding from investors including Bright Success Capital, and Caldera Capital Partners.


Insight Robotics